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What’s on Site

We are host to a wide range of businesses, both community focussed and international in reach. Our current tenants include the following:

  • Youth Club – funded by our charity the RSA Trust
  • Community Hall – gifted to the local community on a long lease
  • Museum – The RSA Interpretation Centre, operated by the RSA Trust tells the story of the Royal Small Arms Factory
  • Library – operated by Enfield Council
  • Christian Action Housing Headquarters
  • IT businesses
  • Accountancy
  • Pest Control
  • Insurance Claims
  • Salon Wholesalers
  • Audio Visual Sales
  • Vinyl Record Dealer
  • Supermarket
  • Gift shop & Parcel Office
  • Chinese restaurant
  • Day care Nursery
  • GP’s surgery
  • Gym

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Our story

The Royal Small Arms Factory was a UK government-owned rifle factory, which produced British military rifles, muskets and swords from 1816 until it closed in 1988. It is famous for the production of many armaments, including the Lee-Enfield Rifles and the Sten and Bren machine guns. The main machine shop is a grade II listed heritage building, which fell into disrepair when the site closed.

In 1995 four local businessmen created a not-for-profit company to regenerate the RSA site. RSA Island Village Ltd was established in May 1997 to refurbish the existing RSA Machine Shop. It now owns and manages the RSA Island Centre, and channels the profits through the RSA Trust to local charities and to assist in the further economic development of the site.

The RSA Island Centre officially opened on 27th October 2001, thanks to the persistence of our four founding directors – who were determined to rescue the former Main Machine Shop of the Royal Small Arms Factory from Dereliction.

This example of heritage led regeneration had economic sustainability at its heart. The directors formed a not for profit company, RSA Island Village to own and manage the site. They also formed a charity, the RSA Trust, to distribute any profits made by the company to good causes in Enfield and the wider Lee Valley. Since 2001 the RSA Trust has distributed nearly £5 million.

To find out how our founding four directors regenerated the site in detail, why not visit our corporate site. Here you will learn about our philanthropic business model, our partners who helped create the Village Centre and further corporate information.

Visit the RSA Island Village website now!

Learn more about our charity, the RSA Trust by visiting our charity website. Meet some of our beneficiaries, discover what types of projects we fund and how to go about applying for funding.

Visit the RSA Trust website now!

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Young People

The RSA Island Centre has hosted the youth club enact since its establishment. The RSA Trust also provides around two thirds of enact’s funding every year. enact offers support and activities to young people from the ages of 0-25 and has won several awards along the way. Our director, Gary Walker, is trustee of the charity governing the club (the Enfield Island Youth & Community Trust) which oversees the delivery of services by our partners Oasis Enfield.

Visit enact’s website now to find out what’s on offer for young people and their families in and around Enfield Island Village!
Go to enact here

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The Management Team

The Management Office

Our on-site team are here to help you with your enquiries about the RSA Island Centre, either as a tenant or prospective tenant. Click below find out more.

Learn more

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Our CEO & Directors

The sustainable regeneration of the former Royal Small Arms factory and the continuing success of the RSA Island Centre has been possible because a focussed team of local business men freely gave their time and made it happen.

Dr. Hani Armstrong – Chief Executive Officer

Hani’s early career was spent in the publishing sector at Consumers’ Association. Hani formed part of the Which? Online launch team in 1996, an early entrant into the paid-content market and the UK’s largest subscription site at the time. Later followed marketing and commercial roles within the digital advertising industry. Prior to joining RSAIV Hani was Managing Director of Barefruit and Protected Brand.

Martin Jewell MBE

Martin is currently Chairman of RSA Island Village Ltd and a trustee of the RSA Trust. He has a background in planning and development having worked for Local Authorities across greater London and, between 1987 to 1997, was the Borough Planning Officer for the London Borough of Enfield. Martin helped to establish the Enfield Enterprise Agency and served on its Board for nearly 30 Years and for a few years as Chairman of the Agency. In 1997, he became a director of Fairview Estates(Housing) Ltd and, having left that position, in 2006 with three colleagues, he was a founding Director of Chase New Homes. Martin is also a director of Gamma Land Ltd.

Gary Walker

Gary started his career at British Aerospace and IBM before founding Data Connection with six colleagues, a software company based in Enfield. He has also served on the Board of Enfield Enterprise, a director of Lee Valley Estates and is a director of Gamma Land – a company providing holiday lets. Gary was the chairman of RSA Island Village until 2015 and led the team which created the RSA Island Centre. Gary also chairs the RSA Trust and is a trustee of the Youth Trust EIYCT.

Michael Polledri MBE

Michael began his career as a chartered accountant at KPMG before establishing Lee Valley Estates, an organisation specialising in commercial lettings and community driven regeneration, serving as its chairman for 30 years. He is a former director of Enterprise Enfield and a trustee of the RSA Trust. As a director of RSA Island Village Ltd, Michael is continually involved in the development and maintenance of the RSA Island Centre.

Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor

Our original Estate Manager, Mike Taylor currently sits as our deputy chair, bringing detailed operational knowledge to the Board of RSA Island Village. His record in the community and breadth of knowledge away from estate management makes him a valued trustee of the RSA Trust as well

Roger Weeks

After a successful career in IT at Metaswitch Networks, Roger is the current Chairman of Enterprise Enfield and the North London Chamber of Commerce. This helps us stay in touch with businesses and the third sector in North London.

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