We are sad to announce that the RSA Interpretation Centre (our mini-museum on site) is currently closed to the public due to the developing Coronavirus pandemic. This difficult decision was taken by the Board of Trustees following further local public health advice. We will remain closed until further notice. In the meantime, please follow common sense precautions:

  • If you feel at all unwell, please take care of yourself at home or seek medical attention. The Interpretation Centre isn’t going anywhere in a hurry.
  • If have been in contact with anyone who is unwell, or if you or anyone you’ve been in contact with has travelled through parts of the world listed on this NHS webpage, please follow advice on that page.

Our staff and volunteers are of all ages. It is possible the available staff on site may be at greater risk of severe illness caused by coronavirus. Furthermore the RSA Trust & RSA Island Village DO NOT TOLERATE ANY ABUSIVE OR THREATENING BEHAVIOUR TOWARDS STAFF, including, but not limited to physical, legalistic, sexual or racial / religious hatred. This includes times when staff are on duty on or off site, or off duty, going about their daily lives. Staff reserve all their rights under law.