Date: 01 Sep 2007SplashDayNursery_logo

Mili and Alpesh Patel worked long and hard in their preparations for the launch of Splash Day Nursery.

The Nursery will provide a custom-designed facility for the care of children in their earliest years. Staffed by specially selected and fully qualified staff, Splash Day Nursery will operate with Ofsted approval.

Mili and Alpesh, who have two young children of their own, believe that a child’s early years are the most important in their life, and aim to provide, in their own words, a ‘safe, clean and loving environment’.

Enfield Island Village is home to many working parents with young families, and RSA Island Village Ltd welcomes this exciting new venture, which will provide a valuable service to the local community.

For further information visit the Splash Day Nursery information page.