RSA Island Village Ltd

In 1995, local businessmen, members of a working group established by the Enfield Enterprise Agency, decided to create a company to  regenerate the RSA site. RSA Island Village Ltd was established in May 1997, initially to refurbish the existing RSA Machine Shop. It now owns and manages the RSA Island Centre, and channels the profits through the RSA Trust to assist in the further economic development of the site.

Aims of Regeneration

  • to develop a Village Centre for the residents of the Island Site and those living in the surrounding area
  • to make community facilities the hub of activity for the residents
  • to create new employment opportunities and assist with the regeneration and diversification of the economy of the Lee Valley
  • to generate business start-ups, new company investment and provide ongoing assistance to small and medium sized enterprises
  • to provide a commercial units to restore and create new jobs on the island site
  • to allow existing micro businesses to move in from other premises such as the EEA's own starter units
  • to provide workspace within walking distance of Innova Science Park and the Lea Valley Business and Innovation Centre, whose facilities will provide benefits to Machine Shop tenants
  • to create a centre to show the historic importance of the site
  • to create leisure opportunities by using the features such as the new canal basin and canal to open up the quay areas adjacent to the Machine Shop
  • to continue the programs for economic regeneration and business support by using self generated funds. This was formally completed when RSA Trust was registered as a charity in August 2004.

Achievements of RSA Island Village Ltd

  • Restoring and regenerating a brownfield derelict site
  • Developing a village centre
  • Supporting community facilities
  • Creating employment opportunities
  • Supplying new company investment and generating business start-ups
  • Providing ongoing advice and assistance to small and medium sized enterprises in local flexible business units
  • Maintaining the listed buildings
  • Interpreting the site's historic importance
  • Maximising leisure opportunities including the canal and canal basin
  • Continuing economic regeneration and business support through self generated funds
  • Establishing a charity to support local community projects




The derelict site
Above: The derelict site

Below: After regeneration


After regeneration 2


After regeneration 3