RSA Island Village Ltd

RSAIV Letting & Management Office

35 Island Centre Way, EN3 6GS

Tel: 01992 854321

Opening Hours: 10:0am - 2:00pm Mon-Fri

RSA Island Village Ltd places great importance on maintaining the RSA Island Centre as an integrated commercial and residential enclave within the larger residential community of Enfield Island Village. To this end, RSA Island Village Ltd has always insisted on a ‘hands-on’ management arrangement for the RSA Island Centre, with a daily management presence in an office within the Centre.

In practice, the Management Office is open every weekday from 10am to 2pm, with either the Manager, Mike Taylor, or his Assistant, Ewa Campbell, present. This ensures that any issues relating to the Centre as a whole, or to individual tenants, will be dealt with right away.

Security at the RSA Island Centre takes a high priority. We have a resident caretaker, Eric Fletcher, who watches over the Centre and tends to the needs of our tenants, both commercial and residential, by day and by night. Our comprehensive recording CCTV system maintains a constant surveillance of every part of the Centre, acting as a successful deterrent to wrong-doing. The presence of rising bollards, both at the main entrance to the Centre, and at either end of the internal service roadway, also helps maintain a safe and secure environment for tenants of the RSA Island Centre.

The needs of our tenants at the RSA Island Centre are of paramount importance to RSA Island Village Ltd. A comprehensive programme of operational reviews of all aspects of the management of the fabric and systems of the Centre is carried out by the management team, and the results presented at regular meetings between the Board of RSA Island Village Ltd and the management team at the Centre. These meetings enable the Board to ensure that the Centre continues to be managed for all its tenants in a proactive and effective manner.


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