UNITS TO LET at the RSA Island Centre

The RSA Island Centre


The RSA Island Centre (RSA IC) is the vibrant village centre for the community on Enfield Island Village whether they live there, work there or simply visit to enjoy the surroundings, convenient shops or leisure facilities.

Nestled neatly to the north of the London Borough of Enfield the RSA IC is a perfect example of a brown field regeneration site. This innovative project has proudly achieved its twin aims to:

  1. bring the building back into viable commercial use for employment opportunities and
  2. create an exciting village atmosphere.

This has created fresh jobs, new housing opportunities and has improved the environment and quality of life for workers and residents.

About This Website

This website has sections covering: The RSA Story, RSA Island Village Ltd, The RSA Trust, the Interpretation Centre and the historic Clock Tower.

It has information about our commercial tenants who include retail, leisure, health and professional services.

The community section, covers the Community Centre, Youth Centre and Residents Association.

A very good place to start is the Centre Layout - this will lead you through to information about all of the services and facilities available at the RSA Island Centre.