This unit will be available from 1 March 2020 and able to accommodate a variety of business types. Get in touch to learn more about this unit.

  • Service Charge £71
  • Insurance £17
  • Rent £596

Note: Prices shown are monthly. Insurance is billed annually. Rent and Service charge are billed quarterly. Vat @ 20% will be added to rent & service charge.  Utility- electricity is included.

For further information call 07971 026453 or e-mail

  • Flexible business space
  • 24 hour CCTV
  • Resident caretaker
  • On-site management office
  • Close to M25 (J25 & 26) and A10
  • Good local rail (Enfield Lock) and bus links (121, 491)
  • Free Parking
  • Unique heritage site

We have published a privacy notice for users of this website. It confirms that RSA Island Village Ltd does not collect data through this site. Please see the link below for the full (and brief) policy.

Privacy Notice

Please note this only applies to users of the website. If you have any other relationship with RSA Island Village Limited (such as having a commercial or residential tenancy with us, or are a leaseholder on our site) we may hold personal data about you which has been collected through other means and for different lawful purposes. Please contact us if you would like to find out more.

RSA Island Centre / RSA Island Village Limited

It has become apparent that there is confusion over who is who on Enfield Island Village and at the RSA Island Centre. The RSA Island Centre is owned and operated by a company limited by guarantee, RSA Island Village Limited. This company collects rents and manages the estate on a day to day basis. It also manages and operates the service charge for both commercial tenants and leaseholders. The estate management team share an office premises with the RSA Trust.

The RSA Trust
As explained on their “About Us” page, the RSA Trust is a grant distributing organisation. It does not own or manage any commercial or residential estates, nor does it manage funds for the benefit of tenants or leaseholders on Island Centre Way.

Enfield Island Village Trust
The Enfield Island Village Trust (EIVT) is responsible for maintaining the common areas of the Enfield Island Village Estate. RSA Island Village Limited pays an annual rent charge to EIVT, as do all freeholders and long leaseholders. Beyond that there is no relationship between EIVT and RSA Island Village or the RSA Trust. If you require to contact EIVT please visit their website for details on how to do so, or visit their offices at the Community Hall.

Staff in Our Office
The estate management team do attempt to be helpful to tenants of the RSA Island Centre and implement the decisions of the Board of Directors. However, with the exception of the Estate Manager, they are unable to adjudicate in disputes between landlord and tenant, tenant and tenant or between third parties. Nor can they provide updates on ongoing negotiations without the permission of the board.

Furthermore RSA Island Village DOES NOT TOLERATE ANY ABUSIVE OR THREATENING BEHAVIOUR TOWARDS STAFF, including, but not limited to physical, legalistic, sexual or racial / religious hatred. This includes times when staff are on duty on or off site, or off duty, going about their daily lives. Staff reserve all their rights under law.

Island Centre Way

Parking Restrictions Come into Force Today

Following a recent Fire, Health & Safety review, the RSA Island Village Board has directed the Estate management Team to implement parking restrictions on the Island Centre Way (ICW) road; the one-way system controlled by the bollard.

This is to ensure that any fire vehicles have unimpeded access to buildings in the event of a fire. We trust you will all recognise the importance of such.

Accordingly, and with effect from today, 8th October 2017, no vehicles are to be parked on, or block, any part of the ICW road at any time.

We are pleased to report the annual opening of the RSA Interpretation Centre as part of London Open House received around 200 visitors on Saturday. An added attraction this year was the last minute inclusion of Film London’s Kino Van, showing historic newsreel footage from around the Enfield area.

The directors would like to thank Ray Tuthill and his volunteers from the Royal Small Arms Factory Apprentices’ Association for manning the Interpretation Centre as well as bringing the story of the Factory to life with their memories of working at the factory.

The Management Office

The Management Team on site comprises a live in caretaker, estate manager and administrator. They are based in the courtyard at Unit 12 Island Centre Way and can be contacted in the following ways:

Phone:    01992 854 321 (monitored between 10:00 – 14:00 Monday – Friday)
Post:       12, Island Centre Way, Enfield, EN3 6GS
In person: office hours are 10:00 – 14:00 Monday – Friday at the above address

The team can assist you with your invoicing queries, interest in available commercial units at the centre, interest in the history of the site, building maintenance and issues regarding vandalism and cleanliness.

Our staff are unable to control the behaviour of users of the RSA Island Centre, nor do they set the terms of leases or levels of rent. If you witness anti-social behaviour or are the victim of crime please contact the police in the first instance. If you wish to discuss legal aspects of your tenancy you may respectfully present your concerns and the estate manager shall ensure the Board and their professional advisers deal with your query with similar tact and respect.

Please note that our staff are here to help you. Rude, aggressive and violent behaviour will not be tolerated. Anyone behaving in this way will be asked to leave. Failure to comply may result in police involvement.


We are pleased to announce a new Estate Manager who shall be in post from next month. Iain Campbell is an experienced and effective estate manager, with experience of managing large estates at Amber Management. Before that he was a Squadron Leader in the Royal Air Force, having managed relations between military and civilian air traffic control as well as commanding bases across the UK.

Iain succeeds Pauline Dyson, who has given us four years of excellent management and brought her considerable legal knowledge to bear on many aspects of managing the RSA Island Centre, leaving it in better shape than previously. We all wish her a very happy retirement in the Lake District.

The opening hours of the Management Office remain unchanged by this appointment.

began his career by working as an articled clerk and then as a chartered accountant for KPMG. After running his own private practice, Michael moved into the area of commercial property. He later established Lee Valley Estates, an umbrella organisation incorporating several different estate management companies with commercial property interests. He has served as its chairman for over twenty years. Lee Valley Estates supports several charities and not-for-profit projects in Enfield, Haringey and Waltham Forrest. He is a director of Enterprise Enfield and North London Business and a trustee of the RSA Trust. As a director of RSA Island Village Ltd, Michael is continually involved in the development and maintenance of the RSA Island Centre.

started his career at British Aerospace and then moved to IBM before he founded Data Connection with six colleagues, a software company based in Enfield. Since its inception he has been chairman of RSA Island Village and has led the team which created the RSA Island Centre. He also chairs the RSA Trust. In Enfield, he is a board member of the Local Strategic Partnership, a director of Enterprise Enfield and a board member of the Enfield City Leaning Centres. He is Chairman of North London Business – the agency responsible for Inward Investment and Business Retention in North London. At Enfield Island Village, he founded the Enfield Island Youth and Community Trust – a charity dedicated to providing opportunities for young people. Gary is a director of Lee Valley Estates – a local property company and founded Gammaland with Michael Polledri and Martin Jewell – a company which provides accommodation to housing associations.

The historic and tranquil settings of the Royal Small Arms Factory
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